2020 Career Pathways Conference

The Texas Peer Mentor Network’s 2020 Career Pathways spring convening for AEL administrators and instructors will be a virtual conference held from 9:00am – Noon on June 12 and 19. Keynote speakers will share various approaches to innovate, inspire, and impact change through the digital integration of systems and classrooms. Join us for these critical conversations. Space is limited.

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AEL professionals at all levels are now being called to collaborate and support the growth of AEL programs using a variety of digital options without compromising the quality expected from face-to-face services. The COVID-19 “crisis,” when reframed as a “critical opportunity,” gives birth to new communities of practice, as will be demonstrated in this virtual conference with breakout sessions facilitated by TX-PMN partners. By leveraging technology to deliver documents and presentations, opportunities exist for AEL professionals to build digital integrations and instructional adaptations to address the ongoing goals of career pathways, college integration, and student success.

Registration Now Open: Visit the PD Portal website at https://twc.csod.com/ to register for the conference.


Conference Agenda

June 12, 2020
9 AM - Noon

Keynote: Future-Proofing the System in Adult Education and Literacy
Speaker: Todd McLees, Founder of Pendio Group (https://pendio.io)

As our society continues to shift at an ever-increasing rate towards computerized, digitized systems in the workplace, in the home, in government, and in educational institutions, all of us need to prepare for these changes. Acknowledging the nudge that the COVID-19 pandemic has given us, this is a logical time to take steps to prepare for a digital future which has become our present. Taking a look at how these changes impact both education and industry, Todd McLees speaks to practical ways that adult education providers can help both students and staff successfully prepare for this future.

Breakout for Administrators: Developing AEL Systems of the Future: A panel representing three AEL grantees will profile their processes for creating and building an online presence for adult education students and their work to integrate the reporting and managing of students within a digital environment across their institutions.

Breakout for Instructors: High-Touch Strategies for High-Impact Connections in the Virtual Classroom: Acknowledging that teaching online comes with various challenges and opportunities, presenters from TX-PMN institutions will model various means of engaging attendees in examples of high engagement, tech-based learning activities that can be replicated in the virtual classroom.


June 19, 2020
9 AM - Noon

Keynote: Digitizing Systems for the Classroom: Creating Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Learning
Speaker: Jesse Stommel, Digital Learning Fellow and Senior Lecturer of Digital Studies at University of Mary Washington/Co-founder of Digital Pedagogy Lab and Hybrid Pedagogy (journal)

Options for creating fresh and effective virtual classrooms and other learning environments are emerging rapidly in educational institutions across the country and beyond. Dr. Stommel will speak to the adult education world, including the necessity for creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning experiences.

• Breakout for Administrators: Targeting Occupational Training for Economic Success: This session will highlight the essential collaboration between workforce boards and their AEL partners as offices and programs position for re-opening. What is the intersection between expediting training services and delivering IET programs for emerging employment and demand occupational training? Join us for a panel of stakeholders who will share their developing frameworks for AEL/IET services of the future.

• Breakout for Instructors: Authentic Student/Teacher Connections in the Virtual Classroom: Practitioners from the field who have experience with Corrections, community outreach, and career navigation will model various means of engaging students in examples of high engagement tech-learning activities that can be replicated in the classroom.