Equity Workshop Three

Culture in the Classroom

January 15th  |  9 - 10:30 am
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Following from our discussion last month on building bridges, this webinar addresses the need to build bridges of understanding between instructors and their adult students. We will compare specific cultures along several dimensions—such as power distance, individualism, and uncertainty avoidance—in order to explain the types of cultural clashes that many of us have experienced in our programs. When international students step foot into our classrooms, they come with expectations that we must manage in order educate them effectively. We will discuss some of the cultural conflicts we’ve experienced, identify their cultural sources, and recommend some practical solutions for the future. The webinar will highlight the experiences of Samuel Uwimana (a Congolese male student at Amarillo College). Finally, we will conclude with an opportunity for Q&A with Samuel and with Mrs. Maryan Bana (a Somali teacher’s aide at Eastridge Elementary School).

Optional Pre-Workshop Meeting:

Dr. Pennington invites the Texas Peer Mentor Network to join the first Amarillo Refugee State of the Union Address.
January 12th, 7pm
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Guest Speaker

Jessica Brathwaite

Dr. Ryan Pennington

Executive Director,
Refugee Language Project

Dr. Ryan Pennington is the founder and executive director of the Refugee Language Project, a non-profit organization focused on "removing language barriers, building leaders, and cultivating community among refugees in West Texas." Previously, Dr. Pennington spent 9 years living in the nation of Papua New Guinea, working as a field linguist under the auspices of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Ryan holds a Ph.D. in linguistics from James Cook University in Cairns, Australia. He and his wife, Crystal, have three children and they reside in Amarillo, Texas.