Best Practices 2017/2018

Amarillo College-College Integration

Austin College Best Practice

Midland College Best Practice

Tarrant County College Best Practice

Howard College Best Practice

Del Mar Best Practice

Conference PowerPoints

TX-PMN Conference PowerPoint – Nov 20th, 2020

TX-PMN Evaluation Activities – 2020/2021

TX-PMN Kickoff Convening – Digital Integration: Oct 2020 Day 1

TX-PMN Kickoff Convening – Equity: Oct 2020 Day 2

TX-PMN Kickoff Convening – Ability to Benefit: Oct 2020 Day 1

TX-PMN Kickoff Convening Curriculum Guide Overview: Oct 2020 – Day 1

TX-PMN Kickoff Convening 20/21 Projects: Oct 2020 – Day 1

TX-PMN Strengths Presentation Kickoff Convening – Oct 2020 Day 3

TX PMN October Convening 2019-Day 1

TX PMN October Convening Best Practices

Curriculum: HSE

Schedule of Instruction HSE Pre-Algebra 2019 – Amarillo College

HSE Pre-Algebra Fast Facts 1-21 Amarillo College

HSE Health Care Math Skill Drills Amarillo College

List of Useful Classroom Resources for ATB

Greek & Latin Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes

Greek & Latin Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes

Addendum 1 – Angles Handout Revised – January 2018

Pre-Algebra Answer Keys Fast Facts 1-13

Pre-Algebra Fast Facts 1-13 Revised – August 2018

Pre-Algebra Final Exam Answer Key – September 2018

Curriculum: IET

CP Student Intake Information Form – Navarro College

Blank Contextualized IET Lesson Plan – Navarro College

Final AEL ITEC Plan – Navarro College

Phlebotomy Syllabus

Pharmacy Syllabus

Safety Infection Control

Reading Prescription Labels

Reading Drug Labels

Prescription Labels

Phlebotomy Module 8

Curriculum: Lesson Plans

Learning Activities Navarro College

Austin College Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Template

Tarrant College Lesson Plan

Midland College Lesson Plan

Howard College Lesson Plan

Del Mar College Lesson Plan

Lemon Circuit AC: Ohm’s Law

Lemon Circuit AC: Lesson Plan

Lemon Circuit AC: Lemon Experiment Instructions

Curriculum: Syllabus

Syllabus El Civics Navarro College

Syllabus Support Class Navarro College

Bridge Academy Writing Lesson Plan & Syllabus Midland

Business Technology Academy Syllabus – Houston Community College

CMA IET Syllabus for Howard

Construction Contextualized HSE Tarrant

Syllabus Del Mar

Amarillo College – Lamons Syllabus

EOC Outcomes for Bridge Midland College

Extra Extra Read All About It

Peer Mentoring for Temple College Continues at Midland

Better Together: How adult education/CTE collaborations benefit workers and business

Highlighting a S.T.A.R.

Del Mar College – 2019

Region 2 ESC – 2019

Navarro College

Lee College

Dallas County Community College District

McLennan Community College

Temple College

Region IX Service Center

Laredo College

Houston Community College

Trending Statutes & Useful Information

Individual Grant Approval Request Form TA4U Navarro College

Regional Summit-Key Terms


WIOA Guidelines

Texas Offers Three HSE Exams

Certificate of High School Equivalency Information

HB 2223 Implementation (Co-Requisite Models) Frequently Asked Questions, January 2018

Developmental Education Update and 2018-2023 Statewide plan for Supporting Underprepared Students, November 2018

2019 Texas Higher Education Almanac - A Profile of State and Institutional Characteristics

Eligibility for In-state tuition and financial programs